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Am I in trouble?

Hmmm….what is my eye shape? :/

Do female exotic dancers in Guelph Ontario have to wear pasties?

Would you enroll into a gym just to watch sculptured bodies ?

Why did you get a full body cramp ?

Is your body interior as good as your body exterior ?

I love henna tattoos and have them on my feet and one of my arms. Does anyone else share this love?

Would you make a great tattoo artist, to the point where you need to have your own shop?

One day, will you finally find the avatar that is right for you?

am i ugly or suffering from low selfseteem http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/3345/i4m9wl6o_jpg.htm

Is there any TV to show human anatomy?

How to run vertically on a wall?

Does your junk needs photoshopping? Then we can call it “Junk Shop”

If I pour holy water on an atheist will it burn?

any facepainters out there?

let me see your best face paint, lip art or body paint design!

What is the most expensive piece of art you have stolen on a weekday?

Do I get to open up a shop, too?

Are yours considered concealed weapons?

Any women want to send me Naked pics? It would be lovely (and willing to do the same)

I am interested in ear stretching, but was curious to know if it’s wise seen as I would like to be a baker. Any advice?

If I painted your body to make it look like you were wearing clothes ..would you go out like that?

How can i make myself LOOK full blooded Indian (Facial wise).

Would you mind if I branded you?

Would you get one of those lip discs so you can look tribal?

would you insert tiny lighted up art into your earlobes for new style jewlery?

Do you tear your heart open and sew yourself shut? Is your weakness that you care too much? Do your scars remind you that the past is real,

What do you think about the whole body skin used as a canvas for body art?

Pierced my lip it got infected. I took it out. I read ur notsupposed to take it out bc the infection wil get trapped n cause something.Help

do you flash your stocking tops in public. I do.

What was your last tattoo a picture of?

Describe your ankle in no more than three words?

what do i look like???????????

how old are you ?? and do you like sex???

What color is sweat?

My pussy has huge lips that stick out good/bad It makes me so slef consious i dont my bf to see me naked even thuogh i am dying to have sex.

Three words or less. Describe your ankle?

What is you favorite axe smell dark temptation or kilo or anarchy or phoenix?

My local tattoo parlor refuses to do a life-sized face of Mitt Romney on my chest – what can I do?

What would you think if you saw a blind tattoo artist in a tattoo shop?

why do people say “pooping is an art”?

what can i use to masterbate with that is in my room? no tooth bruses, bruses, vibrators, or dildos. could be for my pussy or ass.no vegies.

i found a photo of a knife and fork with bite marks. what would be your first interpretation of it? would you think of food?

What is the minimal number of piercings needed to be considered cool?

do men who model for art classes take viagra before the class begins?

What colour is your bellybutton?

I want a tattoo of the lyrics “Do you fade like a Dream?” and i can’t decide where exactly to get it. Advice?

Describe one part of your body?

Do you like girls with body piercings and tattoos?

When it comes to tattoos and piercings – Anything/Anywhere a judge can’t see. What do you think?

How can i make myself LOOK full blooded Indian (Facial wise) Serious answers only please?

What is something you can do without?

Can any girls tell me the best way to put makeup on so that it’s not very noticable?

Do you believe the the human body is a work of art?

TeenGirls-What cup size do you use for your bra?

Do you know a horrible tattoo/piercing shop?

If you could get free breast implants with this stipulation, would you?


looking for some printable tattoo designs

Which real number satisfies (2^n)(8)=16^3?

How in the world do you ever figure out which sock goes to left foot and which sock goes to the other one?

Should I get Satan’s name tattooed on my forehead?

how many electrons and protons does neon have?

Guess how big Kathy R’s. boobs are.

If you could have $ 20,000 dollars worth of plastic surgery free what would you have done? If anything?

Not as much as the “Celebrities”, which is a shame as they are the ones with the real talent.

Can a guy wear navel piercings and color earrings and if so what color

Is there one thing on your body you would change or improve if you could?

i want to join porn movie industry india what must i do?

Was a spider ever on you?

Did you enjoy school as a kid?

Eyebrow tips: How do you do yours?

Which font is prettier for a wrist tattoo?

Have you ever seen a man (or boy) wearing belly-button jewelry?

How can people get tatoos on their eyes????

What it mean if u going to the restroom and ur boyfriend text u and ask u u okay?

How do you know you have tourettes?

What is the name of those those nails you put on your nails? The one taylor swift has..?

How can I convince my wife that her ass is fatter than mine?

wanna see a pic of my boobs?

How do you become a tattoo artist and how hard is it?

How many Ladies here can have a orgasm by having your navel suck?

if the world were coming to an end whilst Fiona Bruce was reading out the live news, would she get her breasts out?

Have you ever gotten a piercing or a tattoo?

What is your opinion on Body Modification?

Can I get your picture? I collect natural disasters.

Is tying up a girl with tape bondages a good idea?if no how should we tie a girl?

For guys only.if you get with me for a night then how will you tie me up for sex?

Can i get my pussy pierced?

is it bad to smell sharpie markers?

i dont ewww noo they smell discusting but just wondering..thx! (:

Am I ugly? http://udontlikewaffles.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d35vfck

where can i find videos of women getting piercings or tattoos?

can i use make up for face painting?

sex while the other person is asleep how should i start what part of her do i need to try to stick it in first?

why is one of my breasts smaller than the other?

India Ink as temporary tattoos?

How to lose weight fast?

What would you give himm out of 10?, My friends think he’s cute. http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/4183/98380528.jpg

Do you tear your heart open, and sew yourself shut?

where can i find glow in the dark body paint that can last a long time

My tragus fell out after a week of having it pirced. I called and the pircer said i had to let it heal. How long will it take to heal?

Do you think your spouse should have to agree to you getting a tattoo or piercing?

Does 34B-24-36 at 5’5 look good or bad?

What way should i make the username, cmay93, into a tattoo? And i mean the art. if you catch my drift.

What Is A Cool Tatoo?

do bois like bushy fannies or non bushy ???

Ladys-who do you let tatoo your areas? Is it women or men?

how much money are small tattoos of dice this year, in america??


I was wondering if you can get a tattoo that will change color according to my mood? Heat senstive mabey?

Is Sex in art, Offensive to you?

When looking for a good tattoo shop, what are some questions I should ask to make sure they are a good quailty shop?

Delhi Call Girls In Delhi Call On Miss Nancy_009711185754,Dubai Call Girls In Dubai Call On Miss Nancy_009711185754

my weight is 180 i need to lose 45lbs in 2 months how will i do it with out going to the gym. PLS PLS help he

I’ve had my tongue pierced for a couple days now and it looks like the top of my piercing is pushing forward and tarring. Is this horrible?

What is the strangest body modification that you know of?

how can i become an apprentic as a tattoo artist?

I got my tragus done about 3 weeks ago, is it still ment to hurt?

Is there anyone who bought tattoo inks from www.getbetterlife.com? Are those tattoo inks tattoo kits and tattoo needles with good quality ?

I have heard that sometimes you change your koi fish tattoo to a dragon tattoo once you accomplish something. has anyone else heard of this?

HELP:navel piercing since exctly 9 days nd kinda having a problem: the upper hole has slightly started 2 strech into the barbel’s ball shape



Ladies did they stop manufacturing your favorite bra? I hate that, what is a girl to do especially when she is huge?

Ladies did they stop manufacturing your favorite bra? I hate that, what is a girl to do especially when she is huge?

Guys with earrings, what made you decide to pierce your ears?

What tattoo should I get?

What shape should I trim my sensual goatee into?

Do people sometimes go too far with their “body art”?

Where can i buy ultimate body wraps do they have them in walmart

Where on a person’s body do you think is a really sexy place to have a tatoo?

Do you like the way you look ? If you can improve the part you don’t like, what would that be?

Do you have mole(s) in your secret places ? Where?

Which is the centre of human body?

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, how many and where are they?

Has everybody pooped them at one time or another?

I’m thinking of a tattoo on the nape of my neck or just between my shoulder blades. With the reduction of stretched skin when losing weight, would it be advisable to wait until I’ve lost the pounds or get this done while I have the courage?

Do you think body art can be clubbed with fashion?

Which is the most beautiful part of our body?

Anyone under the age of 40 ever had permanent cosmetics? If so were you pleased with the results and what did you have done?

If you fart in public and get blamed for it….what do you do?

I just got my belly button pierced and was wondering if my belly button ring is too long (have the bar) It doesn’t hurt but depending on how I’m sitting it sticks out away from my body-and moves up and down by itself. Is this okay?

Does your company have any restrictions on hiring people with tattoos, nose piercings, or other body mods?

What is your favorite type of butt?

Do you a bad scar? If so how did you get it?

How can I quit being a hunchback?

Are unwanted hairs a curse?

Does it hurt to get your belly button peirced?is it just like getting your ears peirced?

Is it OK to write to write on yourself with any type of marker?

Do I look young for my age? http://img188.imageshack.us/i/18007041.jpg/ I’m 16. What would girls my age think? What advice can you give?

Can excessive masturbation leads to silver locks


Would it bother you if a tattoo / piercing artist saw your significant others private areas for tattoo / piercing purposes?

Whats the ugliest most outlandish tattoo you have ever seen, and where?

Do you like body art (tattoos/piercings) on your significant other?

What piercings look trashy on a girl but hot a guy? and vice versa?

What do you think is the sexiest tattoo design? For example, I think rose tattoo is the sexiest one.

What is your first impression of a woman who has tattoos and piercings? be honset. im going to morocco next month to my familly, i dont thnk it will go down well at all.

Do you have any odd shaped birthmarks? What are they shaped like? (I have a birthmark on my bellybutton shaped like florida lol)

Iv got my tongue pierced but i never changed the piercing since i got it done ….is it easy to change it or should i get piercer to do it?

Dual rings?any body have these on thier fingers?they r two gold rings with a small gold chain attached to both rings .seen a few celebs wear them but mostly from the seventies era male and female.where can u buy them?

Have you ever gotten you’re tongue pierced? Did you like it? Did it hurt? Tell me your experience with it or thoughts on them in general. 😀

Im gettin my back tattooed again tomorro ,

exactly like this – what you think?

Whats your opinion on lower back tattoos ??? ( on a girl )

i personally thing that they look a bit trashy

i would prefer them anywhere else

Im thinkin of gettin tiny lil stars tattood at the side of one of my eyes

good or bad idea?

Do guys find piercing on girls a turn off ( other than their ears )?

Would you ever consider getting branded?

Im trying to learn how to become a tattoo artist in ohio anyone have any ideas of where the best place to go for an aprenticeship at?

I found a porn link that has guys sucking there own dick The link is www.hornyboys.com/tour/autofellatio-self-suck-movie-clips-photos.html

What would you do if you got a tattoo you did not like?

Is getting tattoos addictive?

I would like a tattoo but can not find anything that grabs my attention. I would like a few things incorporated in it like my star sign maybe(Aries), i would like it to be spiritual and pretty and also a hebrew/arabic proverb or meaning ..HELP

Where is the best place to buy fake tattoos and magnetic/fake tongue rings, belly rings, etc.? I’m wanting to throw a body alteration party and want to provide these things without them being permanent.

In terms of temporary and/or permanent damage, how dangerous is it for an amateur to sew their own lips shut?

If we too many bananas will it put any negative efect on our bdy

Does lacking body art make you unadventurous?

I think that tattoos and multiple piercings are somewhat passe…their time has come and gone and it now appears stale. What do you think the next trend will be?

What are the basic physical differences between a man and woman?

Your formerly clean-cut all American kid comes home after his first semester at college with what looks like a sabertooth fang sticking through his ear lobe and 3 tattoos. What, if anything, do you say to him?

Do you feel mother’s should have tattoos and piercings or do you feel it is not appropriate?

What are fake tattoos generally made of besides ink?

About the procedure of aesthetic scarification- if using slicing methods (not skinning of branding), is it standard to fill the lacerations with alcohol and set them on fire to even out the resulting keloids?

Is it ok to get a tattoo while one of my ear piercings is infected?

What was your most painful piercing/tattoo?

My hubby saw a picture in a tatoo magazine of a dirty, malnourished baby and a vulture standing behind it (ready to eat) We both thought it was gross and mean. What would that picture symbolize/represent? Any ideas?

What yur favortie type of adornment? Piercings, Tattoos, Cuts, Burns, Implants? Do u have any?

My ‘fury mountain’ grows very fast, like hair… I sometimes play with it making dreadlocks but my bf doesn’t like it so much and would rather have fun with my mum who doesn’t have this particularity. Is there anything I can do?

What’s the most attractive thing for a guy to wear on his head? (i.e. sunglasses, bandana, hat, nose piercing, etc.)

Why do you get tattoos and piercings if they hurt so bad?? (please dont say cause they look cool… thats a little obvious)

My daughter(15 yrs old) has had a homemade tattoo on her finger her initial :( how do i get it off?Is it possible to remove it myself?

What is EMR in healthonclick?

Why does a belly ring or a tattoo suggest a female might be easy?


Are you hirsute or smooth?


I have had a double mastectomy and am heavy. I need assistance to distract away from my abdomen.

How much did you pay for your first tatoo?

How many of you would secretly like a tattoo but are afraid of needles?

What kind of pircings/tatoos do you have?

What peircings, on a girl do you find attracitve? do you like them at all on a girl? I am trying to talk my girl into getting at least one. she only has her ears(2) done.

How would you like to have your body painted?

How do children react to your tattoos or other mods?

I need to know how many of you “look down” on body modification. In the means of obvious tatoos, ear stretching, scarification and the like…. and why? thanks. I’m trying to get a roundabout number of people who agree or disagree with the lifestyle.

What Shape is my head?

If there was some strange law in your country forcing people to get either a tattoo or a body piercing, which would you opt for? Or would you move to another country?

If you need to shave your legs, will going tanning not work out as well on your legs?

I’m planning on splitting my tongue useing the tie-off method. What size piercing provides the best brace? and when it’s split and healed will it be rounded on the inside or flat like when you scalpel it and dont suture it?

Can you fast if you are breast feeding?

I have a Prince Albert piercing, I have alway sat down to pee . How can I plug that tiny hole up (Under the head of my penis)?

Do you prefer body piercings or tattoos?

Do like pooping school grils olny

Whats my body shape (32-26.5-36)

Can some one tell me how to use telikenisis or pk to levitae other objects or talk to people silently?

I had my belly button pierced for about 5 years, it migrated so i waited about 9 months and had it done again within 2 months, it migrated again. is it pointless to try again. I miss it so much! its been a year since the last piercing

I got my tongue pierced for my birthday, and i was just wondering if its normal to have a ring around the bottom ball of my tongue ring that looks like its a little swollen. can anyone help me?

What part of your body you like the most and why?(No boasting please)

I am male my walking appears to be like a woman,so tell me how does a man walk ?how can be differences identified?

Which would you rather have: Body piercings or tattoos?

What is the most unusual body modification you’ve ever seen in real life?

My husband wants me to have a series of nude bodypaintings done so he can do a website of my painted nudes. I saw some pictures of painted pussys as flowers etc and I would like that done. Does anyone know the artist?

Whats your shape like?

Do you know anyone who has there tounge split? I am pretty open about body modification, but I am not a fan of this!

I want to become a tattooist and want to get into it with out having to go to college as loads of people have done that and became sucessfull,any ideas?

Do you like your figure?

How many tattoo’s and piercings do you have? do you want more? how many is too much?

Does anybody want there hair to go gray prematurly?

Transdermal Body Modifications: Yay or Nay?

Which personality and body language make u cool and hot?specially infront of jerk boys

Im a girl and i want to get some curves.

How can i get them?

What can I do?

What is the last piercing/ tattoo/ haircut/ manicure/ other body modification you got?

Where can one go to get their lip disked?

Is it possible to be allergic to tattoo ink? Ever since i got one on my shoulderblade a month ago its faded really bad and it iches alot…

Would u rather get ur eyebrow pierced or dye ur hair purple for 30 days?

Would you rather live without ears or without a nose?

How Many piercings do you have?Tatoos?

Ladies where is the best place on the body for a guy to have a tattoo or piercing?

Guys where is the best place on the body for a girl to have a tattoo or piercing?

I finally have enough money from tips for not only a tattoo but also ear peircings. I want to get them done the same day and both will be done at diff shops. Is that too much pain for one day or could my body handle it?

Would you ever get “branded”? (http://www.bmezine.com/scar/A40301/scrseari.html)

Whats the best way to get tattoos removed all black ink.

How many tatoos dou you have? Do they all have meaning?

Body modification aficionados, bored with regular piercing and tattooing, are increasingly turning to branding and other scarification techniques. What are your thoughts on this increasingly popular trend?

Does anyone know of some good piercing schools in VA? ive searched and searched and found nothing! even the north carolina area would be great. thanks

Which part of your body you ashamed of?

What kind of tattoos or piercings do you have?

Do you think its ok when people are judged by tattoos and or body peircings? why?

What do you think is the most horrendous form of bodily modification?

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?

Is it wise to get a tattoo or otherwise drastically alter your appearance for a woman or man that you really care about?

Do you have any tatoos or piercings? Why did you get them?

Will replacing the new piece of jewelry with the original barbell help to make the size of the hole larger between the top and the bottom. Also how do you tell if the piercing is being rejected?

What do you think of scarifications and implants?

What would you rather have your child get…a tattoo or a piercing? Of course they must be of age. I’m 32 my dad still gets upset about me “marring my body”.

My friends, I have to share this, in a store today I couldn’t help but notice a woman in very small very tight shorts w/ an ornate transfer directly on the backside that upon close inspection read;”Pirate Booty” Was I wrong in enjoying that?

Are you pierced/tattooed?

What do you think of tongue-splitting? Would you ever do it?

How do you feel about the more extreme body mods, such as tongue splitting and implants? Where do you draw the line on how you modify yourself?

Do u like your guy fat, skiny,or medium?

Dad agianist any body art, 18 years old. Hell eventually see it if i sneak it. Still want to respect him but let him know im a adult. Need help on this on?

What do you think of scarification? I’m planing to do somethin like scars from a bear paw on my chest.

Who else besides me has no Piercings, Jewelry nor Tattoos?

Why are people recieving poor and miss information about tattoo and piercing aftercare,not only is it sad but careless,does anyone else out there think its a shame?

Should people disfigure themselves with piercings and tatoos all over thier bodies

How many tattoos or piercings do you have if any? And where are they?

Does anybody have any piercings or tattoos they’re willing to reveal?


Does it hurt to get your tongue peirced?

Do you think body art is decoration or desecration?

I have had my navel pierced twice and both times it has grown out. Is it possible that it grew out because both times I changed the bar really quickly and repeatitively? I want to try once more but I’m checking if it’s likely to happen again fir

How was napolean bonaparte?

What is the average size of the penis worldwide?

Im 4 months why do i get morning sickness and heart burn and im always tired

I have some seriuos bad pimples and acne in my face that i had for da last 3 years.i am 16 and can proactive will make my face clear??

Can a person be considered hip and cool if they don’t have tattoos and piercings?

Every page in Body Art Information.

If you are/were a female, would you sport the “racoon” style eye-make?

Do you see your body as Art?

Why are some women addicted to the Angelina Jolie fish balloon lips? Does anyone find it attractive?

Is gravity already showing on your body?

Who was that dancing woman in that Carpet Fresh No Vaccuum commercial in 2001?

What if silicon breast implants were made of silly putty?

If you had a tail, what kind would it be? A sexy cat tail, a useful monkey tail or an expressive dog tail?

rate her 1 -10

What are you wearing for Halloween this year?

Does your simplistic nature rob you of your artistic value?

What type of tattoo do you think is unforgivable?

Name your favorite hand?

When tattoos and piercings become mundane, will color skin bleaching and faux battle scars become the next trend?

What picture can i face paint on you

When I slam the door on you, what part am I most likely to injure?

What body part do you like to see painted/ drawn?

how to make homemade color tattoo ink?

a man whose small but with great build which doesn’t make him look short. is there a name for these kind of people.

Girls, would You hand-paint Adam Levine ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU8B4XDI3Uwfeature=kp

Can i put glitter over your toes

Oh my, how can this be ? :O

Oh no! I have an odd number of piercings, and that number is 13! :S

Need to Know News: U.N. may ask Syria’s leader to step down; Polls have Romney still in 1st place – Piers Morgan

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o Polls have Romney still in 1st place: “New polls released over the weekend show Mitt Romney maintaining a lead over this three Republican presidential rivals in the final days before Tuesday’s Florida primary. The former Massachusetts governor leads former House Speaker Newt Gingrich by double digits in the surveys, while former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum trails the pair.”

Each day, we here at “Piers Morgan Tonight” put together the news you need to know – from what happened last night to what will happen today.

o U.N. may ask Syria’s leader to step down: “The U.N. Security Council will take up a draft resolution this week that calls on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down and transfer power. The move follows news that the Arab League suspended a mission to monitor whether al-Assad was abiding by an agreement to end a brutal crackdown against anti-government protesters.”

o ‘The Help’ wins big at SAG Awards: “‘The Help,’ a movie about the treatment of maids in a Mississippi town during the civil rights era, took top honors at the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday night, making it the movie to watch as the Oscar awards approach next month. Viola Davis won the best actress trophy, while Octavia Spencer was given the best supporting actress honor.”

o Police:Some blood found in missing toddler’s home was Ayla’s: “Testing on blood found in the home of a missing Maine toddler has determined that some of it belonged to the girl, police said Sunday. ‘The state crime lab confirms some of the blood samples are Ayla’s,’ said Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, referring to young Ayla Reynolds.”

For January 30, 2012 – U.N. may ask Syria’s leader to step down, Polls have Mitt Romney still in 1st place and ‘The Help’ wins big at SAG Awards…

o Dow slides 100 points at open: “U.S. stocks tumbled at the open Monday, after the weekend came and went without Greek leaders reaching an agreement on a debt-relief deal. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 105 points, or 0.8%, the SP 500 lost 13 points, or 1%, and the Nasdaq slumped 26 points, or 0.9%.”

《阳歌专栏》当当联手腾讯前景看好 中国加快电信业开放 | Reuters

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Shang Hai Ba Bi Qi Jian Dian

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need Chinese translator? | Yahoo Answers

—–thanks in advance——-

????????? ??????????????????oh ????????



?????facebook????????????????????? ??????


i wrote this email, then translated it to Chinese. can someone double check it please.


long time no seen.

yes i saw your brother’s pictures of the wedding on his facebook. ha ha.

his wife’s dress was so pretty. i liked the gray dress. it looked like you

guys had fun. you are next. ha ha

my friend also got married too. he married the girl from japan. she

seems like an okay person. i try to be friendly with her even though she

doesn’t like the fact that i like chinese better than japanese. and i really

have no interest in learning japanese. ha ha. but i did help them in

a fund drive for the japan earthquake and tsunami. you can see it on facebook.

you can look at the pictures. i’m one with the afro. ha hah

and on the 7th i turned 28. aaawww. i’m so old. when is your birthday?

—roughly translated to—-

how was the trip to korea? did you learn enough korean in time? did you

go shopping? oh i’m so jealous. when can i see the pictures? i can’t wait.






Can you translate this into CHINESE??? Or Do you know whether they have the article in Chinese?

Grand banquet celebration charges, bills for wedding rings, dressings,souvenir pictures and honeymoon trips attribute to the high expenditure,Beijing-based China Daily quotes Shi Kangning, secretary-general of the NationalCommittee of Wedding Service Industry, as saying on Friday.

Wedding service industry booms in China (CHINADAILY

More than 130,000 couples in Beijing will get married this year, and they will spend about 3 billion yuan(US$375 million) in related services, according to the national wedding servicecommittee.

And, many young people prefer to arrange and design their ceremony in aspecial, unique and unforgettable way by the involvement of wedding companies.


“Children of the baby boomers, born in mid-1950s, are now in their 20s. Theyare ready to get married, creating a huge market for the wedding serviceindustry,” Shi said.

In Beijing, the average cost for a wedding ceremony is about 80,000 yuan,excluding bills for rings, dressing and trips.

至今还是单身,谁能告诉我重庆七夕情人节相亲交友活动?? | Yahoo Answers


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The 5-minute Suzhou guide | CNN Travel

The massive cuts of meat come in all sizes and shapes and are loaded up on a counter against a window. The line can get extremely crowded so be prepared for a good deal of pushing and shoving.

Stretching about 1,000 meters, the ancient alley is lined with antique shops, teahouses and cafés, perfect for travelers looking for tacky, quirky or artsy souvenirs.

Though a good majority of the rivers in Suzhou have been paved over because of urban construction, some canals still run through preserved historical streets that operate boat rides — both motorized and propelled by oars.

Some other choices are the chive and egg, crabmeat, and garden vegetables with pork.

The canals are the forte of Suzhou and the reason for its being known as “The Venice of the East.”

Humble Administrator’s Garden (???)

Suzhou guide -- gardenClassical gardens are the tourist trademark of Suzhou.

Coming to Suzhou for a day trip from Shanghai, Liu adds that “the garden strikes me with its delicate layout and mysterious atmosphere.”

Look out for shops with a stone book in front of them. These are historical stops that have a reputation for their age and products.

Perpendicular to Gan Jiang Dong Lu, Pingjiang Lu is a small pedestrian-only cobblestone street that runs alongside a canal.

Pin Von Teahouse, 94 Pingjiang Lu, near Daru Xiang ???94?, ????, +86 512 6728 8816, Monday-Friday: 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday-Sunday: 9:30 a.m.-10 p.m.

Customers can opt to get their own private booth on the second floor. The teahouse serves a selection of Suzhou-style dim sum and a wide variety of tea.

Alternatively, the Grand Canal or Shantang Jie carries wider waterways for Chinese gondolas to sail through.

Located at the end of Guanqian Jie, Lu Gao Jian is a take-out restaurant that offers the finest cut of meat in Suzhou. The shop was founded in the Qing dynasty in 1663 and is especially famous for braised pork with soy sauce.

It looks like a Ming-style Chinese palace from the outside, but the interior is decadent with marble halls and floor-to-ceiling windows

The 1,400-meter dam Li Gong Di (???) contains a waterside leisure area with trendy nightclubs, Western restaurants and spas.

Shiquan Jie (???)


Tiger Hill wedding market (???????)

Jinji Lake Ferris wheel, No. 99, You’an Jie, east of Jinji Lake, Suzhou Industrial Park ?????????????99?, 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., RMB 80

Each major Suzhou shopping street has its own history and character.

For a more affordable dining experience, Yangyang Dumplings on Shiquan Jie fits the bill.

Jinji Lake, Jinjihu Lu, near Xingzhou Jie ????, ????, +86 4007 558 558, www.szmtl.net


The city is also rich in Kunqu opera (??), one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera, which is rumored to have originated in the 14th century in Suzhou’s Kunshan area.

At night you can hear street musicians playing and the faint chatter of passers-by from the lantern-illuminated streets.

For a more ancient experience with canals and photo opportunities, hit up Pingjiang Lu and Shantang Jie. Shoppers who want more international brands and shopping sites should visit Guanqian Jie and Shiquan Jie.

Another long-time Suzhou establishment, this multi-leveled restaurant is known for Suzhou’s boat cuisine, with dishes made only with ingredients from nearby Taihu Lake.

Pan Pacific Hotel Suzhou, 259 Xinshi Road, near Dongda Jie???259?, ????, +86 512 6510 3388, room rates: from 850 plus 15 percent service charge, www.panpacific.com

Song He Lou (???)

The five-star hotel is a mini-resort that offers guests a modern twist on ancient luxury.

Suzhou guide -- canalA canal boat is one of the best means to tour Suzhou. Many sightseeing boats in water towns in east China are helmed by middle-aged ladies. Suzhou offers a great variety of public activities that provide visitors with a front-row seat to the culture and history of the ancient “paradise.”

Prices range from RMB 20 to RMB 50 per person.

Everyday, thousands of young Chinese ladies go gaga at Suzhou’s renowned wedding dress market.

Jinji Lake (???)

The 252-room hotel is a 10-minute drive from iconic Tiger Hill and is across the street from city governmental offices.


If Shanghai represents the future of China, Suzhou is where one can experience the nation’s past and present between sipping green tea and munching on rice cakes.

Jinji Lake, or literally golden rooster lake, is the centerpiece of sino-Singapore jointly ventured Suzhou Industrial Park.

With water as the main theme, the lake in the center of the garden occupies about 20 percent of the space and is filled with giant lotus plants in summer.

Like Song He Lou, the prices are on the higher end, with a standard bill pegging at RMB 100 per person.

Though the restaurant has three branches, the most famous one is near Guanqian Jie, a major shopping and tourist hub.

Yangyang Dumplings, 420 Shiquan Jie, near Nan Shipi Nong ???420?, ????, +86 512 6519 2728, 8 a.m.-2 a.m.

Although only 36 meters high, this hill is said to resemble a crouching tiger and is marked by intricately woven pathways and pagodas. The landmark is a must for history buffs and anyone up for a stroll.

De Yue Lou, 27 Taijian Nong, near Guanqian Jie ????72?, ????, +86 512 6523 8940, 11a.m.-2 p.m., 5 p.m.-9 p.m.

The local cuisine, aka Subang Cai (???), is known to be sweet to the taste and delicate in presentation.

“When walking in that garden, I couldn’t help imagine the life that the humble administrator lived two or three centuries ago,” says Chloe Liu, 20, a student of East China Normal University.

The 28-story inn is in the thick of things.

Canal boats

Song He Lou, 72 Taijian Nong, near Guanqian Jie ????72?, ????, +86 512 6524 4921, 11a.m.-1:30 p.m., 5 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Suzhou guide -- food“How about rice cake for appetizer, sweet-sour pork for main and sesame dumplings for dessert?” Suzhounese are notorious for having a sweet tooth.

The hill is also the burial site of King Helv (????), who ruled the State of Wu from 514-496 B.C.

Step into this market and to the left you’ll see stacks of rice cakes resembling large bars of soap being sold à la carte and packaged into gift boxes.


The largest garden in Suzhou — nearly 52,000 square meters — the Humble Administrator’s Garden was built in the Ming Dynasty for a former government worker and poet, Wang Xianchen (???).

Huang Tian Yuan, 86 Guanqian Street, near Dongjiao Men ???86?, ???, +86 512 6728 6933, 8:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m., www.huangtianyuan.com.cn

Suzhou Opera Museum, 14 Zhangjia Xiang, near Daru Xiang ???14?, ????, +86 512 6727 3334, free entry

Admission is RMB 50 from October 31-April 5 and RMB 70 from April 6-October 30.

Roughly two square kilometers bigger than Hangzhou’s iconic West Lake, the lake makes for a good summertime wandering.

Specialties include De Yue spring chicken, de-shelled shrimps fried with green tea leaves, steamed pork slices with glutinous rice flour, squirrel-shaped mandarin fish and jujube paste drawn cake.



Suzhou guide -- hotelModern rooms abound in the heart of China’s ancient trading town.

Surrounded by pubs, Yangyang is a great location to go to for a midnight snack after a long night out.

Read about Suzhou accommodation, restaurants, sightseeing, and activities. Return to the navigation.

Located near Suzhou University, the historic thoroughfare is major gathering place for expats, students and tourists in Suzhou.

Guanqian Jie (???)

Lingering Garden (??)

Wind down after a day of sightseeing with a sip of green tea in one of the numerous teahouses all over Suzhou. More often than not, Suzhou teahouses have great views of canals or surrounding scenery.

Fu Xi Qin Guan, 97 Pingjiang Lu, near Nanxiangzi Xiang ???97?, ?????, +86 512 6581 2905, 10 a.m.-11 p.m.

Located outside of the Changmen gate, which was the west gate of ancient Suzhou, Lingering Garden is tagged one of the four best classical gardens in China, together with Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Summer Palace in Beijing and the Summer Resort in Chengde.

Along with bridges, pavilions and islands, the architecture of the buildings retains Ming Dynasty characteristics. The garden gets its name after Wang’s desire to retire from politics and live a humble life.

The garden hosts occasional free outdoor opera performances that take place in the garden courtyard during admission hours.

The lake also hosts a multi-media evening musical fountain show every weekend, with the tallest water columns reaching 108 meters. Free of charge, the show takes place at Jinji Lake’s West City Plaza from 8 p.m. on the evenings of weekend and public holidays.

Getting around via pedicab is a great option for travelers looking for an adrenaline rush and for commutes between narrow alleyways.

Grab a cup of steaming green tea in a classical Suzhou garden, tour the city via boat and finish off the night with a traditional Chinese opera.

Though most of the stores on Guanqian Jie are chain stores and mini-malls, there are a great deal of traditional Suzhou restaurants and snack shops hidden in between.

For a more tranquil experience, head over to Pingjiang Lu where they offer a 45-minute man-powered ride through narrow canals for RMB 130 per boat.

The garden was damaged several times, especially during the Sino-Japanese War, but has since been repaired.

Humble Administrator’s Garden, 178 Dongbei Jie, near Qimen Lu ???178?, ????, +86 512 6751 0286, 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m, www.szzzy.cn

As a major tourist hub in east China, Suzhou has a variety of hotels suitable for different needs.

Tiger Hill (??), 585 Huqiu Hill, near Shantang Street ?????8?, ????, +86 512 6532 3488 , 7:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m, www.tigerhill.com


Lingering Garden, 338 Liuyuan Lu, near Tongjing Bei Lu???338?, ?????, 7:30 a.m.- 5 p.m., www.gardenly.com

It’s a great place to stay for visitors who want to shop, as the hotel is right next to a long strip of international shopping malls and electronic stores.

Spread over roughly 120,000 square meters, the “market” is a mass of standalone shops scattered across four sides of a large and busy traffic junction at the foot of Tiger Hill.

Guanqian Jie is a large commercialized strip in Suzhou, housing a mixture of both traditional and modern shops.

With more than 320 varieties, the historical snack shop is known for baking pastries according to the seasons. They sell rice dumplings in January, rice cakes in February and qingtuans in March. The shop also sells noodles and wontons.

This mini-guide provides all essential information for visitors to navigate the 8,488-square-meter city.

Though it’s not the safest method of transportation, a ride also makes for great photo opportunities.

Other specialties include the honey sauce duck and braised pork head with soy sauce.

Lu Gao Jian (???)

Head over to Fu Xi Qin Guan (????) for a traditional opera show plus tea. The performers are in full makeup and elaborate ancient Chinese robes.

1. Business: Marriott Hotel Suzhou (????)

Songshu Guiyu (????), a squirrel-shaped mandarin, is elaborately presented and covered with sweet-and-sour sauce. The fish, which will come out resembling a porcupine, is deep-fried and filleted.

Suzhou guide -- mainSuzhou is often dubbed the “Venice of the East” for the city’s crisscrossing canals.

A quick nap away from Shanghai’s soaring skyline aboard the high-speed train (the fastest takes about 25 minutes), Suzhou (??) is a historical city that’s greatly admired for its winding canals and classical gardens.

Boasting a history of some 130 years, Pin Von overlooks a canal plied by hand-steered boats.

Hotel guests receive free access to the Panmen scenic area, one of Suzhou’s most famous ancient landmarks including a pagoda, a canal bridge and China’s only existing on-water ancient city gate, Panmen (??).

Suzhou provides abundance of food selection — from traditional establishments, to quick eats and confectionery shops.

Admission is RMB 30 from October 31-April 5 and RMB 40 from April 6-October 30.

At night you can hear locals strumming guitars and singing from adjacent opera houses.

Other noted dishes include the braised bean curd with crabmeat and shelled fresh shrimps. Prices average RMB 100 per person.

The most iconic feature of Tiger Hill is the Yunyan Temple Pagoda (????). Built in 961, the tower leans at roughly three degrees because of a faulty foundation and is often referred to as the “Leaning Tower of China.”

De Yue Lou (???)

Situated near Suzhou’s burgeoning New and Hi-tech Development Zone, the hotel comes with 13 meeting rooms and an executive lounge.

But for travelers who want a more cultural experience, it is also a stone’s throw from Shantang Jie, a more historical shopping hub that runs alongside a canal.

Lu Gao Jian,8 Guanqian Jie, near Bifeng Fang ???8?, ????, 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

The concierges speak fluent English and the staff are always on hand to help hail a taxi.

For anyone who wants a more historical experience, go to the Suzhou Opera Museum (???????) for exhibitions on the evolution of Chinese operas.

The waterside city’s history dates back 2,500 years to the Spring and Autumn Period and was dubbed (perhaps with only a slight exaggeration) “paradise on earth” — together with Hangzhou — in Chinese history for its pleasant scenery, fertile soil and prosperous commerce.

More on CNNGo: The 5-minute Hangzhou guide

Eagle-eyed brides-to-be can lay hands on a Vera Wang knock-off at the price of a few beers in a bar. (Price starts at roughly RMB 200 for one dress.)

Tiger Hill (??)

Check out Pin Von Teahouse (????) on Pingjiang Lu, a quaint pedestrian street with classical architecture.

Below are three comfortable hotels suited to the business traveler, the casual visitor and the dedicated shopper.

“It’s Suzhou’s top draw,” adds Wang.

The wedding dress market is roughly a 10-minute taxi ride (RMB 10-15) from Suzhou Railway Station.

A cultural mecca, Suzhou is the home of the Pintan opera (????), a unique opera style sung in Suzhou dialect. It’s typically performed with a single narrator and features stories about historical romances and epic heroes.

A well-manicured Suzhou-style garden abuts the hotel, a great venue for outdoor barbecues during summertime.

Huang Tian Yuan (???)

Stretching roughly 2,000 meters, the street hosts a large number of trendy clothing boutiques, bars, pubs and Western restaurants.

“Walking along this street in the rain was the quintessential Suzhou experience,” notes Nicole Liu, 21, who is living in China on a New York University exchange program. “Not only were the people kind and soft-spoken, unlike other Chinese cities, there was a sense of peacefulness that was unique to this province.” 

The hotel is located near Taihu Lake and Hanshan Temple.

As one of China’s largest wedding dress markets, the compound holds more than 1,000 stores with bridal dresses in styles ranging from traditional to Victorian and even punk rock.

Pingjiang Lu (???)

Rooms on the hotel’s upper levels provide a complete view over the Panmen area.

“Lingering Garden” means lingering between Heaven and Earth. The Chinese name “Liu” also sounds similar to the surname of the former owner, Liu Shu.

Holiday Inn Jasmine Suzhou, 345 Changxu Lu, near Gan Jiangxi Lu ???345?,?????, +86 800 423 0908 , room rates: from RMB 511 plus 15 percent service charge, www.holidayinn.com

Opera shows

Pedicabs can be found on most major corners and tourist attractions. Each pedicab can seat two people.

Shopping: Holiday Inn Jasmine Suzhou (?????????)

Suzhou guide -- shoppingA bridal dress is one of the best souvenirs to pick up in Suzhou.  

Song He Lou is a noted Suzhou establishment with traditional cuisine and elaborate decor. With more than 200 years of history, it’s reputed to be one of the oldest restaurants in China.

The 1,000-meter-long street is great for a visit at night when all the buildings and lanterns are lit up.

Teahouses abound, and there are occasional opera shows in the evening. You can also ride a boat down the canal for 30 minutes for roughly RMB 130 per boat.

The steamed hedgehog-shaped small bun (RMB 90 for six) is a great appetizer.

“Tiger Hill is the most popular attraction that we recommend [to travelers to Suzhou],” says Eileen Wang, who works for Travel China Guide and is responsible for trip-planning to major Chinese tourist destinations.

Complete with a marble lobby and a lounge with a stupendous chandelier, the interior is sure to impress your clients.

The choices are vast — sesame, peanut, red bean — this rice cake store has it all when it comes to flavors.

One bar of cake costs about RMB 5.

Relaxation: Pan Pacific Hotel Suzhou (??????????)

Suzhou is known for its Jiangnan-style gardens dating back to as far as the sixth century. (Jiangnan generally refers to the area south of the Yangtze River and north of Wuyi Mountain).

Shiquan Jie is named after the 10 wells that used to be on the street and is the place to experience Suzhou’s nightlife.

At 50-stories high, Marriott is the tallest building in Suzhou’s old city and provides panoramic views over the ancient commercial hub. (To maintain the historic feel, the authorities limit the number of high-rises in the 14-square-kilometer old city.)

Marriot Hotel Suzhou, 1296 Ganjiang Xi Lu, near Xinhong Lu ????1296?, ????, +86 512 8225 8888, room rates: from RMB 690 plus 15 percent service charge, www.marriott.com

Admission fee is RMB 40 from October 31-April 5 and RMB 60 from April 6-October 30.

Dumplings average RMB 1 each. The specialty, at RMB 10, is the pan-fried dumplings. Heavily flecked with cilantro and filled with pork juice, these mini-wraps are crunchy on the outside but doughy inside.

For roughly RMB 10, you can ride a pedicab to any destination in Suzhou’s old city. Bargain hard and don’t settle for anything more than RMB 20. These drivers can be aggressive so make sure you settle the price before you get on.

Take a ride on the lakeside Ferris wheel for a bird’s-eye view of Jinji and Suzhou’s modern blocks. With a diameter of 120 meters, this is the biggest waterside wheel in China.

Yangyang Dumplings (?????)

Some classical gardens, such as the Lingering Garden, feature free opera performances during the afternoon in the main courtyard.

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